May 30

What is the CUB?

Talking about our press announcement today of our new CUB system reference design…

cub-board-mainThe CUB Mother Board

The CUB, as the announcement and information page attest to, is a series of boards designed specifically to speed the integration, test, and calibration of ArcticLink III VX devices into a customers system.  Essentially, the CUB is a series of boards designed to allow system designers to connect to their development/prototype systems through blue-wire, or via a specially-designed board/FPC that plugs directly between the customer system and the CUB.

The CUB is designed as a flexible design tool: it is designed to accommodate all 17 variants of the ArcticLink III VX CSSP, as well as the 15 variants of the ArcticLink III BX CSSP.   The CUB system supports:

  • VEE and DPO
  • Full i2C communications with the QuickLogic device (through a convenient USB port)
  • Command and control testing for software interaction with the host system
  • Probing of all display signals for testing and debug purposes

The CUB is intended to allow a system designer (with QuickLogic’s assistance, of course) to insert an ArcticLink III variant into their system design through a known good board, to create the correct initialization code for the ArcticLink III, to perform display bring-up and testing, and to test and calibrate VEE and DPO.  We expect that this system can save designers a significant amount of time in development through the known-good architecture of the board.

Available only through QuickLogic sales, we are loaning CUB systems immediately to qualified customers for their bring-up needs.

Questions about the CUB are always welcomed…


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