May 10

Effective Lumens, and How the PoP Video with VEE Outperforms the Competition

So, the title pretty much says it all.   We’ve loaded a new video blog to our YouTube channel, and embedded it here for your viewing pleasure.

The crux of the video:

  • Lumens, as a measure of the light source brightness of a pico projector, is scientific
  • Lumens, as a measure of the viewability (thus, image quality) of a pico projector, is useless
  • Effective lumens, enabled by QuickLogic’s VEE, while somewhat subjective, is a true measure of the viewability (image quality) or a pico projector
  • The PoP Video, a 5 lumens projector source with VEE, wholly outperforms a competitive 15 lumen pico projector in viewing experience.  The competitive product we feature is a $229 iPhone sleeve projector purchased from the specialty electronics store in most major malls across the USA

Take a gander…

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