Jul 10

A Free-Forum Question Answered…

Using the new Q&A feature I blogged about here, and which you can also see (and use) just to down and to the right of this text, the following was submitted by a long-time reader

I read Andy’s interview with NewElectronics, and I am interested in Andy’s guarded comment about TI being interested in DPO as a catalog CSSP solution.

I’ll stay away from that comment, and just ask, technically, how QUIK could put DPO out as a catalog solution, without including a VX CSSP, which we know the MIPI connection has to be “tuned” for each AP and each LVDS display, and also requires an ALS to be in the device?

Are you considering only RGB-LVDS solutions for the catalog parts? Are you just contemplating the  enhanced DPO code that QUIK developed? Is it possible that you could discuss the technical aspects of this, or is even this much covered by NDA?

To the first question:

Long answer: We have implemented DPO in our ArcticLink II and III VX products.  Within those product lines, we have the following silicon variants: RGB to RGB, MDDI to RGB, MIPI to MIPI, MIPI to LVDS, MIPI to RGB, RGB to LVDS, RGB to MIPI, MIPI to MIPI & RGB, MIPI to MIPI & LVDS, and MIPI to LVDS & RGB.   DPO must be in display path, but is independent of display interface.  Meaning, the VX device containing DPO must have a display interface input and display interface output, but DPO doesn’t care what those interfaces are.   Additionally, you are 100% correct that MIPI and LVDS need to be “tuned” for the AP and display.   Now, if an instance existed where the AP and display were common across a group of customers, then a Catalog CSSP might make sense.

Short Answer: DPO requires a VX device.

To the second group of questions:

The only visual-based Catalog CSSPs we have announced are the VEE-Pico and VEE-BCC-Pico.  While I won’t get into details, we expect to continue to announce new Catalog CSSPs in the coming months.  Stay tuned for those.



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