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Mar 10

On the Apple Watch…

Apple’s formal announcement of the their smartwatch yesterday has predictably set the consumer device world into a tizzy, with one camp declaring an end game for all other smart wearables, and another camp reacting with a collective ‘meh’.  The majority of people seem to be… read more »

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Jan 22

Want to Learn More About the Latest Trends in Sensor Hubs? Join the Webinar

Greetings! QuickLogic will be hosting a webinar entitled Mobile Sensor Deployment: Making the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts on Thursday, January 29th at 8:30 AM Pacific.  This webinar, presented by members of the QuickLogic Marketing and CTO staffs, will focus on the… read more »

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Jan 13

Press from Tim Saxe’s Panel Apperance at CES

Having just about recovered from the sore feet and taxi line extravaganza that is CES, I wanted to pass along a few bits of press from the show related to Tim Saxe’s appearance at the Getting to Low Power and Maximum Functionality through Sensor Fusion panel. EE… read more »

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Oct 7

EuroAsia 2014

We’ll be at the EuroPress Summit Wednesday, October 8th, at 9 AM Pacific.  Andy Pease will be presenting the ArcticLink 3 S2, and our view of QuickLogic as a “comprehensive” provider of sensor hub solutions.  We’ll be posting the actual presentation immediately after the summit… read more »

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May 5

An MCU-to-Sensor Hub Question Addressed…

There was a great series of questions sent to us earlier today from a frequent reader and commenter using the “Submit a Question” widget just to the right of here.  So good, in fact, that I wanted to address it here in a unique blog. … read more »

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