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Jun 1

Battery-Powered Voice Processing for IoT Applications

Smartphones with integrated sensors have really helped drive down the cost and power consumption of sensor-based solutions. Lower cost and lower power sensor-based solutions have, in turn, enabled the “Internet of Things” (IoT) market to become established. However, IoT applications are different than smartphone applications… read more »

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Dec 5

On the 13 Variants of the ArcticLink III VX…

The question arose today of alternative input/output architectures the ArcticLink III VX that aren’t explicitly listed. First, let’s start by listing the 13 variants Click the chart to embiggen I should also note that the interfaces which the customer requires are determined by their choice… read more »

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Dec 3

On the Snapdragon…

Welcome back to QuickLogic HotSpot. QuickLogic announced today that we now have a daughter card available that connects to the DragonBoard (based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processors).  Our card accepts the MIPI-DSI output of the DragonBoard.  It embeds a QuickLogic ArcticLink III VX5 CSSP device that converts… read more »

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Nov 20

On the ArcticLink III for Cameras…

Today’s blog deals with an adjacent market for the ArcticLink III (AL III), digital cameras, and specifically the embedded display. As I start, I should be clear and say that we are not talking about putting VEE and DPO into the image capture (camera) path. … read more »

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Jan 4

Video from the Latest D.T.F.

As promised, here’s video from the December DigiTimes technical forum from our Youtube channel:

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