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Apr 24

Catalog CSSP #3: VEE-BCC-Pico

With our announcement earlier in the week of our VEE-Pico Catalog CSSP, a few questions were asked about where BCC fits into the Catalog CSSP platform..well, it fits right here: The VEE-BCC-Pico Catalog CSSP This Catalog CSSP, the third in our series, offers pico projector… read more »

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Apr 23

Catalog CSSP #2: VEE-Pico

For those who read our announcement today, you know that we have released our second Catalog CSSP, the VEE-Pico. While QuickLogic is certainly not new to the pico market (see PoP Video, iPico, others), the VEE-Pico represents our first standard product for OEMs of accessory,… read more »

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Apr 17

Enter the Catalog CSSP…

Today we announced an exciting new line of products from QuickLogic, the Catalog CSSP line. Rather than me blab on for (seemingly) hours, I’ll instead go right to questions that we’ve received when introducing this concept to customers and members of the press:   Q:… read more »

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Mar 28

Supporting On-board and External Displays in a One Output World, Part II (QuickLogic Strikes Back)

In a blog not too long ago, I spoke in detail on our new VX6BxG variants of the ArcticLink III family, which support an MIPI input to LVDS and RGB output architecture.   This product is targeted primarily at tablets with a need for a secondary… read more »

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Feb 12

We’re Connecting, One PHS at a Time

Today we announced another in a line of designs with our good friends at Kyocera.  Building on our VEE and DPO designs with them, we’ve expanded into the connectivity realm to integrate a CSSP featuring inter-processor communication technology.  A high-level view of the technology is… read more »

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