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Jun 13

Tap-to-wake and Rotate-wrist-to-wake

Cool announcement last week about our Wearable device-specific algorithms…what I like most about it is the following… Yup — they are ours.  While we continue to develop our ArcticLink 3 ultra-low power sensor hub hardware line, including announcing our S1 Wearable sensor hub (meant for… read more »

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Nov 6

A New QuickLogic Article

A new article on QuickLogic’s USB to SDIO Catalog CSSP solution has been published in the October 2013 edition of Electronics Magazine.  You can find an electronic version of the magazine here — skip to page 18 for the good stuff

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Jun 20

USB to SDIO, the Latest Catalog CSSP

Greetings! QuickLogic today announced our latest Catalog CSSP (#4, by my count), the USB-to-SDIO solution. In short, this Catalog CSSP enables the translation of USB to SDIO, meant for use in systems whose processors are either SDIO-port limited or don’t even have SDIO ports. Here’s… read more »

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May 20

Sitara Supports Android

Greetings! We announced today that our first Catalog CSSP, the CAM I/F device designed around Texas Instruments Sitara Am335X processor, has widened its OS support to now include Android 4.1.2.   Formerly running exclusively in Linux, this new support opens QuickLogic’s ability to support customers of… read more »

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Apr 24

Catalog CSSP #3: VEE-BCC-Pico

With our announcement earlier in the week of our VEE-Pico Catalog CSSP, a few questions were asked about where BCC fits into the Catalog CSSP platform..well, it fits right here: The VEE-BCC-Pico Catalog CSSP This Catalog CSSP, the third in our series, offers pico projector… read more »

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