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May 20

Sitara Supports Android

Greetings! We announced today that our first Catalog CSSP, the CAM I/F device designed around Texas Instruments Sitara Am335X processor, has widened its OS support to now include Android 4.1.2.   Formerly running exclusively in Linux, this new support opens QuickLogic’s ability to support customers of… read more »

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Oct 30

On the BX….

As Andy Pease mentioned in our Q3 2012 earnings call just now, QuickLogic has formally announced the ArcticLink III BX family of devices for display bridging applications. As a bit of background, which is familiar to those who attended the call, a customer decision to… read more »

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Jun 6


The hot news at QuickLogic today is the announcement of our new production smartphone, the Kyocera “URBANO PROGRESSO”.  As our press release mentioned, the URBANO PROGRESSO uses a QuickLogic ArcticLink II VX4 device, featuring an MDDI Type II to RGB bridge, as well as VEE… read more »

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Mar 19

I am the Myth-Debunker

I’ve spent the better part of the last 12 years in the imaging and display world.  In that whole time, one thing that is constantly misunderstood and debated is how exactly to measure quality of cameras and displays, and further how to cut through marketing-speak.… read more »

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Nov 7

For Those Who Have Yet to Handle a Pantech Phone…

Our web Jedi/graphics guru Kazu has published a new video blog talking about the Smart Eco radio button on the Pantech tablet phone, showing how VEE and DPO can be implemented. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9W0E4qBUbw&hd=1 Continued apologies for the narrator.

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