May 5

An MCU-to-Sensor Hub Question Addressed…

There was a great series of questions sent to us earlier today from a frequent reader and commenter using the “Submit a Question” widget just to the right of here.  So good, in fact, that I wanted to address it here in a unique blog. … read more »

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Apr 21

Programming QuickLogic’s Sensor Hubs…

While some of you may have seen it, there was an excellent article published today by EE Journal entitled Programming QuickLogic’s Sensor Hub:Hardware from a Software Standpoint.  Its definitely worth a read when you have a minute or two! The article specifically addresses the various… read more »

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Apr 17

Effective Logic Cells — Why All Logic Cells Aren’t the Same

Way back in October, we blogged about the differences between our logic cell design and that of competitors in the mobile programmable logic space.  I thought I’d take some time to revisit the topic, and go more in depth as to what advantages this offers… read more »

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Apr 9

The new….

Eagle-eyed visitors of may have noticed a slight change…if you haven’t been there in the last few hours, take a look…  

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Apr 8

QuickLogic’s Sensor Hub Integrated Development Environment

Perhaps you saw our press release today about our Integrated Development Environment for sensors?  If you didn’t, or you’re looking for more information, here’s why this is really, really exciting… All-in-one tool: The IDE is a one-stop shop for developing and implementing sensor algorithms into… read more »

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