May 27

Updated Investor Presentation Released

Good afternoon! For those interested, the most recent version of QuickLogic’s investor presentation has been posted to our IR website.  The presentation itself can be found here.  This is the presentation that will be used at this weeks’ Benchmark Company One-on-one Investor Conference, where Andy Pease… read more »

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May 23

QuickLogic’s Environmental Responsibility

We spend most of our time here at HotSpots blogging about new products and technologies.  While that is all well and good, I wanted to step back from them and address a larger topic — our Environmental Responsibility. Let’s start with Conflict-free Minerals. The unique… read more »

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May 8

Mobeam and QuickLogic

Hello…yesterday we announced our new PSB featuring Mobeam technology.  Rather than go into details that we’ve covered on the web and in other places, I’ll embed a video of the technology below:     There are a lot of great things with this technology. For… read more »

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May 7

Edgar Auslander Leaves QuickLogic Board

We issued a form 8-K today, indicating that Edgar Auslander has resigned from our Board of Directors.  While Edgar has only been a part of our board for a short time, he nonetheless has made contributions to the company which I believe will continue to… read more »

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May 6

On the Beam 2

While we announced this design win on last weeks earnings call, today we issued a press release on the ArcticLink III BX‘s inclusion in the Samsung Beam 2 pico projector-enabled smartphone. As many of our avid readers know, we’ve long-touted that smartphone processors generally don’t… read more »

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