Apr 9

Lowering Power Consumption with the S2 LP

Hello, and thanks for reading! In QuickLogic news, we announced our ArcticLink 3 S2 LP today, a silicon variant of the standard S2.   The S2 LP offers a solution to OEMs who need the absolute lowest power for their wearable devices.  Now, the S2… read more »

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Mar 10

On the Apple Watch…

Apple’s formal announcement of the their smartwatch yesterday has predictably set the consumer device world into a tizzy, with one camp declaring an end game for all other smart wearables, and another camp reacting with a collective ‘meh’.  The majority of people seem to be… read more »

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Mar 9

It’s a Busy Week at QuickLogic…

…just as we are getting over the taxi line-induced sore feet hangover of Mobile World Congress and last weeks IoT Summit, we’re off again in multiple places this week. Brian Faith, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, and Andy Pease, President and CEO, are down… read more »

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Mar 6

Video from IoT Keynote

Happy Friday! We were lucky enough to get last-minute permission to record Tim Saxe’s keynote at the IoT conference yesterday.  You can view it below, and also at our YouTube channel.  Enjoy!    

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Mar 2

This Week’s IoT Summit

As we briefly discussed in last week’s press release (and in a blog before that), Tim Saxe will be keynoting this Thursdays IoT Summit, just down the road from QuickLogic HQ at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Tim’s speech, “What Wearables Design Teaches Us about… read more »

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