Dec 16

Pico’s: Why Our Dual Output ArcticLink III VX6 Matters

Whether in our earnings calls, or here on HotSpots, we’ve talked a lot about pico projectors in the last few months.

Well…as much as we’ve only recently externally talked about them, they’ve been a hot topic internally here for quite some time.  So much so, in fact, that we dedicated 2 of the 13 devices in the ArcticLink III VX (ALIII) line specifically to pico-embedded systems, the VX6 family.  Those parts support a MIPI input from the processor and MIPI and RGB outputs to displays (pico projectors).

Why is this important?  Well…

Pico’s appear to a processor just like any other display, meaning they need their own display interface.  And, just like what we talked about when discussing interfaces, a pico’s interface can be different from what the processor supports.  Since Pico’s are essentially a second display in a system, the system designer needs to now find a way to not only bridge the interface, but also duplicate it.  The ALIII VX6 devices perform both those functions on a single device, along with providing the effective lumen benefits of VEE HD+, plus DPO HD+ benefits when applicable.

As the majority of Pico’s are RGB-interface based, and with Pico’s making their first appearance on (MIPI-heavy) smartphones, the MIPI -> MIPI/RGB interface made perfect sense.  In this architecture, the ALIII device can act as the switch between the interfaces.

Look for a lot more from us in the next few months on Pico Projectors and VEE.

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