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May 6

On the Beam 2

While we announced this design win on last weeks earnings call, today we issued a press release on the ArcticLink III BX‘s inclusion in the Samsung Beam 2 pico projector-enabled smartphone. As many of our avid readers know, we’ve long-touted that smartphone processors generally don’t… read more »

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Jun 12

PC Magazine Reviews PoP (and VEE!),2817,2405437,00.asp PC Magazine has published their review of the PoP Video, and mentions VEE… “…Visual Enhancement Engine.The results are good and I mostly left the Auto-Enhance option on, as it made somewhat-dim images a bit easier on the eyes.”

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Jun 5

PoP is Shipping…

For those US-based folks who ordered a PoP video (featuring VEE) you should likely be receiving it any day now, as the PoP’s are now shipping.  According to the fine folks over there, shipping to Europe will commence shortly, followed by Asia. More to come… read more »

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May 16

VEE on Higher Lumen Projectors

While the PoP Video is proof-positive that VEE can enhance the viewing experience of a lower-lumen projector, many people have asked what VEE can do for higher lumen systems.    To answer this, we sent a prototype 50 lumen projector (from an ODM partner) to… read more »

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May 10

Effective Lumens, and How the PoP Video with VEE Outperforms the Competition

So, the title pretty much says it all.   We’ve loaded a new video blog to our YouTube channel, and embedded it here for your viewing pleasure. The crux of the video: Lumens, as a measure of the light source brightness of a pico projector, is… read more »

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