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Jun 15

Major Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

On May 31st, Mary Meeker – long time Silicon Valley tech trends watcher and currently a partner at the prestigious Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Beyers venture capital firm – delivered her annual internet trends report at the Code Conference held at the Terrenea Resort in Rancho… read more »

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Dec 16

QuickLogic’s New Partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES Brings Big Benefits

Recently QuickLogic announced that it has joined a cadre of industry leaders in partnering with GLOBALFOUNDRIES for its FDXcelerator™ Program.  (Other members of this program include key technology companies such as Amkor Technology, Mentor Graphics, Rambus, Synopsys, Amkor Technology, ASE Group, Infosys, Mentor Graphics, Rambus, Sasken,… read more »

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Apr 30

Why an OEM Would Use a Bridge Chip (and Why They Wouldn’t)

Upon seeing the ArcticLink III VX RGB->LVDS demo at the recent Linley conference, a very astute attendee asked me ‘why do some OEMs use bridge chips and some don’t?’ This was a very good question, and one we’ve gotten before.  Accordingly, it makes good blog… read more »

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Apr 2

On MHL and HDMI: How Do VEE and DPO Fit?

QuickLogic’s new ArcticLink III VX devices, revealed last December, features LVDS, MIPI, and RGB interfaces.  Combined with our legacy ArcticLink II VX products with MDDI and RGB, we think we’ve got the interface needs of tablet and smartphone OEMs locked up for the foreseeable future.… read more »

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Mar 26

Smartphone ‘Injustices’ Read this article yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to see battery life as the top ‘injustice’ of smartphones. Now, ‘injustice’ is a very strong word, but I do agree with the authors assertion that battery life is horrible on smartphones However, are removable batteries… read more »

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