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Dec 3

On the Snapdragon…

Welcome back to QuickLogic HotSpot. QuickLogic announced today that we now have a daughter card available that connects to the DragonBoard (based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processors).  Our card accepts the MIPI-DSI output of the DragonBoard.  It embeds a QuickLogic ArcticLink III VX5 CSSP device that converts… read more »

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Nov 20

On the ArcticLink III for Cameras…

Today’s blog deals with an adjacent market for the ArcticLink III (AL III), digital cameras, and specifically the embedded display. As I start, I should be clear and say that we are not talking about putting VEE and DPO into the image capture (camera) path. … read more »

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Aug 31

How the ArcticLink III VX MIPI2 to MIPI4 Enables Lower-cost 720p Displays

Of the 13 different silicon variants of the ArcticLink III VX devices, the one that gets the most questions is the VX3B2F, or the MIPI 2-lane to MIPI 4-lane bridge with VEE and DPO.  In particular, we are asked ‘why would a customer need this?’ … read more »

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Jul 13

Display Resolutions…

A hot topic in the consumer device world, post iPad 3 (err…new iPad…which begs the question of what the next one will be called…newer iPad?) is where displays are going, resolution-wise. There are too many variables (technology, content needs, apps, “specsmanship”, etc…) for anyone to… read more »

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Apr 30

Why an OEM Would Use a Bridge Chip (and Why They Wouldn’t)

Upon seeing the ArcticLink III VX RGB->LVDS demo at the recent Linley conference, a very astute attendee asked me ‘why do some OEMs use bridge chips and some don’t?’ This was a very good question, and one we’ve gotten before.  Accordingly, it makes good blog… read more »

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