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Timothy Saxe joined QuickLogic in May 2001 and is a CTO and Senior Engineering Executive since 2006, and served as our Vice President, Engineering since November 2001. From November 2000 to February 2001, Mr. Saxe was Vice President of FLASH Engineering at Actel Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing company. Mr. Saxe joined GateField Corporation, a design verification tools and services company formerly known as Zycad, in June 1983 and was founder of their semiconductor manufacturing division in 1993. Mr. Saxe became GateField's Chief Executive Officer in February 1999 and served in that capacity until GateField was acquired by Actel in November 2000. Mr. Saxe holds a B.S.E.E. degree from North Caroline State University, and an M.S.E.E. degree and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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Nov 16

Now is the Time for eFPGA Technology

Embedding FPGA technology into SoC designs isn’t really a new idea. In fact, at QuickLogic we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades, starting with our FPGA/hard PCI controller SoC all the way back in 1999. The value proposition was the same then as it… read more »

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Mar 7

It’s Good to Be Understood – The Always Listening Home

The dream of having a truly “smart” home has finally started to materialize in a meaningful way.  One aspect of the smart home concept which has been severely underestimated until very recently, though, is the emergence of voice-activated systems and their ability to make sense of… read more »

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Aug 24

Knowledge is (Reduced) Power…

Back in the good old days of semiconductors (meaning more than one to two decades ago), following Moore’s Law down the process geometry curve gave digital semiconductor companies not only increased logic density, but also lower operating voltages. Five volt supply requirements became 3.3 volts,… read more »

Posted in EOS, Sensor Processing Platform
Oct 18

The Paradigm Shift in Our Sensor Hub Approach

Semiconductor design engineers live and die by Moore’s Law – every 18 months, your device should shrink by 2 and be twice as powerful.  That law has served consumers well for many years, demonstrated by the fact that our smartphones today are significantly more powerful… read more »

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