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Andy G.
Andy is the Director of Platform Strategies at QuickLogic. Andy’s background includes technical and marketing roles at number of semiconductor companies including Intel.

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Mar 3

Context Awareness and Wearables…

To me, wearable’s are still in exploring mode; meaning, market winners and losers are still to be decided.   Certainly the fragmentation of the market proves this.  However, what is becoming clear is that always-on sensing and context awareness are becoming “must haves” going forward. The… read more »

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Dec 6

When Does a Smartphone Really Become a Tablet?

Smartphones are generally seen to have display sizes up to 4 inches, and in the world of tablets we see display sizes starting at 7 inches and going upwards. However, some indicators suggest smartphone displays may creep up the display size trail to 4.3, and even… read more »

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