Apr 28

Tomorrow’s Earnings Call…

I wanted to give you a heads up that on tomorrow afternoon’s Q1 2015 earning call (2:30 PM), we will be using a PowerPoint Presentation in addition to the normal audio. In the minutes before the call, you can gain access to stream the live… read more »

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Apr 22

SenseMe Transport Enables…

Thanks for checking back in with us!  While we’ll be down at Linley this afternoon, I did want to pass along the latest in the series of SenseMe™ videos.  In this case, we are showing what our transport algorithms, on the ArcticLink 3 S2 ultra-low… read more »

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Apr 20

We’ll Be at Linley This Wednesday…

For those attending the Linley Tech Mobile Conference in Santa Clara this Wednesday, our very own Dr. Tim Saxe will be continuing his “speaking tour” with a speech entitled “Partitioning Between Software and Hardware is Key to Ultra-Low Power”, followed by a panel discussion, starting… read more »

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Apr 16

QuickLogic on SemiWiki

SemiWiki covered our ArcticLink 3 S2 LP sensor hub today in an article called Sensing Without (much) Power. Among the highlights:  “Quicklogic is the only solution provider with the power consumption of a custom ASIC, the flexibility of an MCU and the algorithm capabilities of… read more »

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Apr 15

And Because SenseMe Isn’t Just for Fitness….

A few days ago, we released a video of some of the fitness use cases that SenseMe™ can enable.  While fitness is definitely one the leading (if not the leading) use cases for today’s wearables, we’d be neglectful in not talking about what else SenseMe… read more »

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