Aug 8

In Memory of Mike Callahan

It is with the deepest regret and a very heavy heart that I pass on the sad news that Mike Callahan, a QuickLogic Board Member since 1997, passed away earlier this week.  Mike, a dear friend, will be sorely missed. My first meeting of Mike… read more »

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Aug 4

JRC PHS Phone Added to Our OEM Gallery

Today we announced the latest in a series of connectivity designs, the JRC PHS phone.  This phone uses our PolarPro II CSSP device, running a number of technologies including Inter-Processor Communications.   An image of the phone appears here… …as well as in our OEM gallery that… read more »

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Jul 22

Two New Video’s of QuickLogic’s Sensor Hub

Hello, and thanks for visiting!  I wanted to share two new video’s from our YouTube site, showing two of the transportation contexts available in the ArcticLink 3 S1 Ultra-low Power Sensor Hub. The first is our “On Bike” context: And the second the “In Car”… read more »

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Jun 24

Audience Announces its Intent to Acquire Sensor Platforms

Since today’s announcement of the Sensor Platforms (SPI) acquisition might confuse or possibly concern investors who follow our company closely, I want to assure investors that we do not believe it will have a negative impact on our sensor hub CSSP initiatives, or change the… read more »

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Jun 13

Tap-to-wake and Rotate-wrist-to-wake

Cool announcement last week about our Wearable device-specific algorithms…what I like most about it is the following… Yup — they are ours.  While we continue to develop our ArcticLink 3 ultra-low power sensor hub hardware line, including announcing our S1 Wearable sensor hub (meant for… read more »

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